Why Us?

Learning Circle and CeeHiVE help education professionals and community-based organizations connect and drive positive outcomes for the children they serve.

Our platform is unique in that it works across the spectrum of the collective impact model to identify, manage, and measure

  • Identifying children at risk early and connecting them with school-based or community programs and interventions.
  • Managing the intervention and communication process between educators and partners for each child.
  • Providing measurable impact analysis to educational and community leaders that inform future program goals and investments.

We believe ALL children deserve
to be successful.

We close the gap between identification, intervention
and prevention.

We believe in outcomes over activity.

We believe time is of the essence.

We believe in ensuring that children who need their hands raised have an opportunity to be recognized.

We exist for the purpose of ensuring that children who need services receive them in a timely fashion.

Our product suite is designed to follow the child from cradle to career.

We believe in ensuring that schools and community organizations have the opportunity to create a sustainable system of support for all children.

We Believe That All Children Deserve a Quality Education.

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