Our Story

Learning Circle Education Services is a nonprofit organization that collects and assimilates data to provide information and services to education professionals and community-based organizations with the expectation of improved outcomes for the children they serve.

Launched in 2005 as a service to the Columbus, Ohio community and later established as an independent 501 (c)(3) in 2010, LCES delivers analytics to take the guess work out of identifying children at risk.

The mission of Learning Circle Education Services is to support educators and community-based organizations by focusing on child-level data to improve their educational future.

Our Purpose

We Believe

The Future

  • Ensuring that students who need services receive them in a timely fashion.
  • Ensuring that students who need their hands raised have an opportunity to be recognized.
  • Ensuring that schools and community organizations have the opportunity to create a sustainable system of support for all children.
  • Every child can learn and deserves a quality education.
  • Using information will improve children’s lives.
  • In listening to the voice of the customer.
  • In forming collaborative community connections to benefit children.
  • In outcomes over activity. In turning opportunity gaps into creative solutions.

Learning Circle Education Services is now positioned to move to the introduction of a market-ready, full suite of products designed to service youth from ages 0-26. Our products enable the user to make child centric decisions using data. In addition to our products, our services include transformation consulting and data analytics. This full suite of products coupled with transformation consulting and data analytics enables LCES to impact entire communities.


The Learning Circle Education Services suite of products for Early Learning, K-12, and College & Career leverages a hub of data that enables child-serving organizations to make child centric decisions using readily available data over the cradle to career lifespan of the child. These products support success in classrooms and communities by managing child development and student performance data, organizing them in ways that inform instruction and community-based services at all levels and making them accessible to teachers and other child-serving professionals to guide their efforts to improve individual children’s development and students academic progress.

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